What’s in a Name?

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Photograph: © Gerard Malanga

Photograph: © Gerard Malanga

With a Pentax 35mm and a whole lot of silver paint Billy Linich (aka Billy Name; he’d changed it in 1966 as it better suited his surroundings and character alike) had single handily changed Warhol’s drab studio into a futuristic work of art, more commonly known as “silverising” the factory.

In order to create such a work of extravagance Name had moved into the Factory as a permanent resident (as well as Andy’s part time lover/confidant) and in that time had captured the essence of those formative years (1964-1970) with candid shots of artists, musicians, actors, socialites and of course Warhol himself. The results of those shots were inspired and Andy later described them as “the only things that ever came close to conveying the look and feel of the factory then” – POPism.

In 1970 after living in his self-created dark room for a year Billy had vacated the Factory leaving a simple note behind which read “Dear Andy, I am not here anymore. But I am fine, really. With Love, Billy.” Times had changed but what Name left behind was a legacy that is still talked about to this very day as being the golden (or better yet silver) age of bohemian artists paving their way in NYC.



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