Are you afraid of the dark?

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Disclaimer: Photos are not property of Lady Grinning Soul.

Disclaimer: Photos are not property of Lady Grinning Soul.


All hallows eve; a night of outrageous costumes, excessive booze and igniting sheer terror into one another in the name of fun… or is it in the name of Lucifer? Anyhoo, here are some tips to keep in mind when celebrating the occasion. Think of it as a Halloween Survival Guide 101:

1.The Bloody Mary: we all know the old urban legend, say her name into a mirror three times and she comes back to haunt you… Let’s be honest it’s just a horror story but if your bf’s ex happens to be a Mary I wouldn’t be repeating the name thrice.

2. When a stranger calls: don’t answer ANY private phone calls. The homicidal maniac/vulnerable college girl is all too familiar and kind of boring so just avoid it ok.

3. The Blackout: the lights go out, you’re home alone, and you hear a noise upstairs so you grab a flashlight and investigate, right? WRONG! Everyone has seen a teen slasher film. Stairs=Death! Jump in your car and get the fuck out of there!!! Alternatively if your neighbours are friendly head on over and sing camp songs around the glow of your iPhones.

4. The Virgin: now I’m not saying if you’re a virgin you should shag the nearest person to avoid getting yo’ ass killed; just be extra careful if your bf/gf wants ‘all hallows eve’ to be the NIGHT. We’ve all seen scream, it doesn’t end well. Oh and FYI don’t light any black flame candles either… Just sayin’.

5. Bates Motel: if you’re road trippin’ this Halloween do not stop at a motel. Take shifts driving, play car games hell, even slip a little something into your coke zero to keep your peepers open! Just don’t pull over at the deserted ‘Holiday Inn’ with the half arsed neon sign. There’s a little Norman Bates in all lonely motel owners, don’t test what level of psycho they’re at.

Got it? Good!!

Now rock your zombie bodies and have a grand ol’ time.



Keep Smiling, Peace

LGS xx



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