I Predict a riot… Chanel ss15

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Photo Sources: Elle.com & styleveinfashion.com

Photo Sources: Elle.com & styleveinfashion.com

“What do we want?? Chanel!! When do we want it? NOW!!!” The masses may as well have chanted as Karl Lagerfeld managed to one up himself yet again. This time around the fashion pack was taken out of the grocery store and onto the streets of Paris (next year’s theme: homeless shelter).

The Boulevard Chanel was the backdrop of the spring/summer show as CC cladded models strolled down the runway in slouchy trousers and comfy flat footwear (a refreshing change from the usual toe deforming stilettos). With a feeling of revolution in the air the collections theme (think feminism with a twist) was a feast for the eyes showcasing bohemian style satchels, clutches with cheeky feminist slogans, metallic belts cinching in monochrome ensembles, psychedelic watercolour wellies and of course the ever prominent use of tweed at the forefront.

The biggest spectacle of the show however, was undoubtedly the grand finale. In true Lagerfeld form; King Karl lead his Chanel Army (with Cara and Giselle at the helm chanting into megaphones) and formed a united front proclaiming a new era of feminism where ladies can feel free to fight for their right without taking themselves too seriously. The energy was palpable and the crowd shrieked with delight as another successful Chanel show came to a close. We all now wait with baited breath to see what next season will bring (I should probably patent the homeless shelter idea, you just never know…)

Until next time psychedelic flower children….



LGS xx


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