There Goes My Hero…

e993b659581f84052f4407f268e066fe 68250da18202f38579d321a823bd5a08 7b2fb9892b61fe6efb36536b249219d5 5553b4c306ae74faeb2d12663eb4fb5c 01fb77b48265ed10ee64d353e442bd5d 605bcf319940d401bf82b69293965e79 ffc5bae0848995a7ed56545d1248ba09 d08da5a370f64e4d5e845694cbeae97f 4834c04e65a2bbf6a86123a9968e2544 0319c85341c4f69512464ec0b0224253 16803afa74778d5f425dbb542f0930ce d105b1ab7e2f758ad1d51277c08a5e2e

Photo Credits: Pinterest, Rock & Roll Snob, Carlos Bellini

Photo Credits: Pinterest, Rock & Roll Snob and Carlos Bellini

So if you haven’t already noticed I’m a bit of a Bowie fan. He’s been a hero of mine ever since I was a child & has inspired me in so many ways (my blog is named after one of his songs for f**ks sake!)

Instead of talking shit about why I love him so; I’m going to let the visuals do the talking… They say a pic is worth a thousand words right? That should make up for the lack of paragraphs in this post.

Peace and Love,

LGS xx


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