Bretons and Bikers and Bags, Oh My!

white shirt black blazer brogues band tee jeans breton tee chelsea boots jumper 2 leather biker clutch1 hat1 White Tee coat sunglasses1

Photos sourced from pintrest

Photos sourced from pinterest

“5 must have items YOU NEED to complete your wardrobe” 

“All you need is a LBD and pumps for the perfect night out”.

I often see captions like these plastered across fashion mags and chuckle to myself, if all a girl needed was a LBD then we would never have to frantically shop before a night out on the town again. Don’t get me wrong; I love a good wardrobe edit story just like the next gal however, I also know that we are not all carbon copies of each other. We’re a unique bunch and our versions of “staples” or “everyday uniform” vary depending on our aesthetic and lifestyle (one woman’s LBD might be translated to another woman’s chic pant suit and so on).

I recently came to the conclusion that my everyday wardrobe is basically made up of 15 staple pieces. These pieces are what I wear most and make me feel like… Well me.

The 15 items I can’t live without are as follows:

1. A white shirt: preferably in a men’s cut as I prefer the length and shape, in winter I layer it up with a blazer or jumper & in summer I chuck on a pair of denim cut offs and sandals. Easy, simple & chic.

2. A black blazer: my absolute go to for pretty much every outfit I own! I probably have about six or seven black blazers alone. All different cuts, lengths and materials. I know that sounds mental but I wear them all (I swear!)

3. Brogues/Oxfords: my oxfords are like my children, I always take such special care of them as there is not one outfit that they can’t be paired with. The best thing is they’re ageless! They look just as good on a 80 year old grandmother as they do on a 20 something year old gal. I love them and they love me right back.

4. A band tee: I have about 50 bands t shirts (no exaggeration). I buy one from pretty much every gig I see and then have my special vintage ones that I will never part with. They just make every outfit so rock & roll! My fav would have to be my vintage Bowie tee (in his Ziggy years) that’s slightly yellowed but still makes me feel amazing every time I wear it.

5. Jeans: my jeans are the basis of every outfit I wear. I can not begin to tell you what a good pair of jeans can do for an outfit. They’re like a building block of personal style. You can wear absolutely anything with them and yet still be so unique. Denim is a no brainer in my mind.

6. A Breton tee: a timeless classic that will make even the most boring outfit a little more exciting. A Breton is fresh, effortless and as the French say très chic.

7. Chelsea boots: a staple for any Londoner (or wannabe Londoner like myself). A good pair of Chelsea’s will bring an edge and slight androgyny to the most feminine of outfits. They are the Mick Jagger of ankle boots and I can’t live without them.

8. An oversize jumper: my savior for whenever I feel like shit but need to still look somewhat decent. With a pair of skinny jeans, Chelsea’s and a hat; (more on the hat later) an oversize jumper can say “I may have just rolled out of bed, but at least I did it with style”.

9. A leather biker jacket: the perfect way to say I’m with the band, and actually be taken seriously. Styled right, a leather biker can get you backstage to any gig (results may vary).

10. An oversize clutch: now this may seem like a weird one but I stand by my choice. It fits all my necessities and gives an outfit a little extra somethin’ somethin’. Works best in a crazy print and/or bright colour.

11. A hat: I’m a sucker for some great headwear. I tend to lean towards fedoras and beanies but I have been known to rock a 1940’s shaman style turban at times too (think Naboo from the Mighty Boosh). A hat is also a great cover up for a bad hair day, sometimes you just can’t be arsed taming your mane.

12. A white tee: Is simplicity at its finest. Don’t underestimate the power of a perfectly cut white tee. James Dean knew what was up…

13. An overcoat: worn not only to bare the cold; these days an overcoat can be somewhat of a statement piece. My overcoat this season is a boyfriend cut (slightly oversize yet still feminine) and completes a great winter outfit without looking like I tried too hard. Plus it’s cosy.

14. A pair of sunglasses: because I need to protect my eyeballs. An added bonus is that they can be worn when I  don’t want to wear make-up, am hung-over or simply checking out a hottie on the tram.

15. A satchel: everyone’s day bag differs, some like a classic tote, others a 90’s style backpack, I however can’t go passed a satchel/messenger bag. The main reason is it fits all my crap, is comfy to wear and suits my aesthetic. Need I say more?

There you have it folks, 15 items I would save if my wardrobe were to catch fire. I can truly say they represent my style and personality combined. No LBD necessary… Well, not this week anyway.




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