Just Keep Walking



Photos By Lady Grinning Soul  Location & Clothing: Global Vintage Collective

Photos By Lady Grinning Soul
Location & Clothing: Global Vintage Collective


Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.’- Marilyn Monroe

Wise words, and although superficial they ring somewhat true. Whilst most ladies out there are claiming diamonds as their official BFFs, I’m prancing around town in my beloved oxfords thinking ‘let them keep their fancy rocks, my shoes and I are going places!’

I’m not trying to get all Carrie Bradshaw on ‘yo ass but a pair of shoes can really say a lot about a person. I tested this theory whilst walking the streets of Melbourne one dreary Monday where I spotted an impeccably dressed women in sky high heels. She was strutting around on the uneven pavement in her strappy Jimmy Choos exuding complete and utter confidence; which in turn led me to think ‘there’s a lady who knows what she wants and is on a mission to get it!’ After lady choo had passed me by I spotted a typical hipster couple with their cool unkept hair and skinny jeans; without looking I knew their choice of footwear. The hipster gal was rocking the ever so cool (albeit mildly ugly) footbed sandals and her hipster counterpart was in a pair of lace up brogues that were artfully disheveled as if to say I found these at my local salvos for $3, what of it? They walked around aloof, casually chatting about what I assumed to be underground bands and how wasted they were over the weekend.

My experiment followed through with much of the same analysis until I stopped short & looked at myself as the subject, what did my shoes say about me? I looked down at my tan brown oxfords and thought my choice of footwear often boils down to a sturdy mid heel for comfort (I don’t do flats due to my height complex) and my love of all things London thus my shoes made complete and utter sense to me…. To a complete stranger however, I would probably appear to be some wannabe musician (or if I was really rocking the look an actual musician). With my theory proven (well proven to me) I finished my experiment with three conclusive pieces of information. The first conclusion is that we are products of society who cannot help but project our image through our aesthetic choices. The second; weather does not always play a part in our choice of footwear (just look at Frannie footbed and Charli Choo wearing open toe shoes in the middle of June). And Lastly; I have a serious shoe fetish. I should probably see someone about that…




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