Girls On Film

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So I’m a bit of a film nerd… Okay not just a bit, a massive film nerd. I am forever inspired by the visuals on the silver screen and can’t help but think how much (and also how little) the art of film has evolved over the past 80 years. Sure we have advanced immensely in terms of technology but the formulas for a great film don’t stray far from tradition. I’m not complaining though as its these traditional elements that can still make a good film great, sounds cliché but it’s true.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I am heavily inspired by boys in bands however, I’m not opposed to a little girl power every now and again either. There are so many female actors that have made an impact in tinsel town but there are only a select few that I continue to draw inspiration from. So without further ado, I give you my list of style icons (in film) from the late 1930’s til now.

1930’s/40’s Katharine Hepburn: Four time academy award winner and all-round bad arse is the best way to describe Mrs H. She was one of the first Hollywood actresses to prove that you don’t have to be a glamazon to make it in the industry and often ditched a pretty frock for slacks and a shirt (my kinda gal). It was these attributes that made her great and that’s why to this day she is a style icon to many.

1950’s Grace Kelly: Her name says it all… She was the epitome of Grace and adored by men and women alike. With a myriad of awards and classic American good looks Miss Kelly had already established herself amongst her peers. Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” however, shot Grace into stardom and the rest was history (I probably should add that she later married Prince Rainer of Monaco and lived out every little girl’s fantasy of becoming a princess). In terms of style she had a simplistic, yet elegant approach to fashion which was and still is emulated by women worldwide.

1960’s Mia Farrow: I will forever remember her as Woody Allen’s Muse but before Mr. Allen’s infatuation began Mia was quite the style queen in the decade when the fab four conquered the world (in layman’s terms the 60’s). Her most notable work of that era was her role in the cult classic ‘Rosemary’s Baby’. What I loved most about Farrow in the 60’s however was her pixie like do and brilliant shift dresses (she also rocked a fedora every now and again too).

1970’s Diane Keaton: I have two words for you “ANNIE HALL”. Keaton’s style in that film is (excuse my French) fucking brilliant! Whenever I am in a pickle (ensemble-wise) my mind always tends to ask the question “what would Anne Hall wear?” and presto problem solved. I know DK has had many notable roles since then but I always forget what they are as my mind will forever envision her as the ditzy (and über chic) love interest of Woody Allen.

1980’s Molly Ringwald: Most often referred to as John Hughes’ muse and the ‘It’ girl of the 80’s (otherwise known as the decade when perms were rad). Molly had a slightly understated style (well understated for the 80’s… did I mention the perm thing?). Think feminine with a quirky twist; I think her shaggy bob and geeky attitude may have had something to do with that though.

1990’s Liv Tyler: Daughter of the legend that is Steven Tyler and successful actor in her own right. For die hard LOTR fans she will be forever immortalised as Arwen the Half-Elven daughter of Elrond, but to me she will always be the overachieving high school student Corey Mason in one of my favourite films of the 90’s Empire Records. With an ensemble consisting of a plaid skirt, cropped jumper and Dr Martens, Corey (Liv) captures the essence of an era when Kurt Cobain still walked the earth and the line “we were on a break” was first uttered by one Ross Geller (spoiler alert: Rachel didn’t buy into it).

2000’s Anne Hathaway: As much as I respect her I wouldn’t call her one of my ‘style icons’. With that said the ‘Devil Wears Prada’ is a stand out film in terms of style in the 00’s and the character of Andy Sachs gets to indulge in a world of fashion that we mere mortals could only dream of. As a result of the film Hathaway began to become somewhat of a fashionista herself (thanks to stylist Rachel Zoe).

2009-Now Zooey Deschanel: This super quirky and über talented lady has won the hearts of many as Jess in the sitcom New Girl. I however, still think her best role was the character of Summer in the indie flick ‘500 days of Summer’. Style-wise she stays true to form with her 60’s hairdo and Jean Shrimpton/Twiggy-esque ensembles. Oh and did I mention she is one half of the indie duo ‘She & Him’? In the band Zooey sings, plays a mean ukulele and is a trained pianist (told you she was talented).

Well that concludes my list of ladies that inspire me in the realm of film. I’m off to make some popcorn and watch Judd Nelson raise his triumphant fist in the air…


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