Kate Moss For Topshop

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  Photo Credits: Topshop.com


“The Icon Is Back!!” That’s right ladies (and gents) Kate Moss is back on her home turf with her final collection for Topshop. After 25 years of being in the industry Moss has often been named one of the most influential fashion icons of our time and here’s why; she’s effortless, has never been on a ‘worst dressed’ list and exudes rock & roll dishevelment like no other. As an icon she has many adoring fans wanting to emulate her signature “look” and with this collection they finally can!!
Kate has captured the essence of her most prized pieces from her wardrobe and brought them to the collection, showing the public that you too can be as fabulous as her!! As a whole the collection feels like you are peering into a time capsule, all the amazing looks that made her an icon are there (including a recreation of the famous lemon yellow vintage tea dress as well as a replica of the feathered cocktail dress she wore in her dating Johnny Depp days).

The pieces are divided into four distinct themes;
Tailoring Noir- A new glam take on the structured trend with flapper dresses and sequined smoking jackets all classically tailored to give you an evening look with a twist. Kate describes it as “chic and glamorous whilst keeping the essence of the collection”.
Balearic Dressing- It’s a new spin on the classic Boho trend and is heavily inspired by Kate’s love for the Balearic Islands. Think embellished smock tops with soft suede shorts and Aztec printed kaftans. It will have you pining for your next tropical holiday.
Cocktail Hour- Its no secret that Kate Moss always turns heads at a party and with that in mind the “cocktail” theme aims to have the same effect with pretty tea dresses, feathers, and sexy slinky maxi’s that will make for a perfect night out on the town.
And Pyjama Dressing- A hot trend seen on countless runways recently has been added to the collection (with a pinch of Kate’s flair of course). There is an amazing matching silk paisley two piece and a billowing kimono overcoat that will encapture the effortlessly elegant style Ms. Moss exudes in her everyday life.

The pieces are currently available to purchase and are flying off the racks in Topshop stores worldwide (as well as online) showing us that the fresh faced ‘Über Model’ is still a force to be reckoned with. I now bid you adieu as there is a fringed leather jacket with my name on it…



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