Man I feel like a woman


keith polka dot

Keith Richards

bowie cropped

David Bowie

jimi 2

Jimi Hendrix

julian c

Julian Casablancas

jim morrison

Jim Morrison

beat bowler

The Beatles

bob polka

Bob Dylan

joey ramone 2

Joey Ramone

iggy 2

Iggy Pop


Sergio Pizzorno

mick and marianne faithfull

Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull

bowie thin white duke

David Bowie

noel fielding

Noel Fielding

steven tyler

Steven Tyler

the stones

The Rolling Stones


Miles Kane

alex t

Alex Turner


“Who are your style icons?” a colleague asked recently (with fierce intensity I might add). “Keith Richards, Mick Jagger and Bob Dylan” I promptly replied undeterred by the thought provoking question. “Yeah, I see that” she said, satisfied with my response. The conversation then naturally flowed into various other topics (of equal importance) such as Coachella, the return of “mum jeans” and the outrageous week of rain we had experienced. I know what you’re thinking… Wow! They really tackle the hard hitting questions! (Yes, yes we do.)

After our D&M I pondered my answer to the first question. All my responses were men?! Sure I am inspired by innumerable female fashionistas (Françoise Hardy, Anna Karina, Annie Hall & Edie Sedgwick are up there) but then again I didn’t discover them til’ my early teens. My fascination with fashion initially occurred whilst watching my father’s old VHS recordings teeming with musicians such as the Stones, Dylan, The Beatles, The Doors, Bowie, The Yardbirds, and Aerosmith (amongst countless others). As a young child I observed in awe, thinking I want to be just like them! Growing up however, I realised that although I couldn’t actually be them, I could emulate them.

Looking at these fabulously dressed humans of decades past I now see the true androgyny of their aesthetic. They weren’t really what you would call a man’s man however, they were still somewhat masculine and adored by women all over the world. Some of my muses fuelling my style inspiration in recent times are Miles Kane, Alex Turner and Sergio Pizzorno as they seem to ooze the same charismatic charm along with some exceptional wardrobe choices (my heart however, still belongs to Richards, Jagger, Dylan and of course Bowie). The ‘newbies’ do not stray far from my former flames as they too are inspired by the lady men of the 60’s and 70’s (hence my attraction to their attire).

Overall, as a “mature” adult (I use the term loosely) I’ve realised that I am not, nor ever will be the girly, girl that my mother always hoped I would be. I know I’m not the only one idolising fashion-misters as ladies all over the world have been dressing like men for decades and in most cases dating them too (mainly to steal items from their wardrobes). I do still love the Femininity of fashion and all the bells and whistles that come with it; but at the end of the day dressing slightly like a boy will always be at the forefront of my style choices and I’m ok with that.


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