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Photo Credits: Topshop Tumblr

Whilst temperatures are taking a turn for the better in the northern hemisphere, us southern hemisphere folk are getting ready to don our pea coats and thigh high boots to try and battle the moody grey days and glacial nights. Autumn/Winter is always my favourite time of year for fashion; it’s just so much more exciting and creative (I also get to wear awesome hats without getting a sweat on). This year seems to be a sequel of last A/W (with some added extras), the only major difference? Pantones colour of the year. It seems that Kelly Green is out and Radiant Orchid is in (I do not wish to comment on this decision, let’s just say I’m not running out and buying an orchid hued coat this season).

Moving on… For those who are beach babes and have no idea about what us snow bunnies are planning to wear this season I’m going to give you the 411. The top trends (in no particular order) for A/W 2014 are…..

  1. Jewel Tones- Cobalt blue, ruby red, many vibrant shades of purple and tangerine orange are all winners this season. Those of you who are daring fashionistas may try this trend top to toe whereas the rest of us mere mortals will probably incorporate these hues in the form of shoes and accessories.
  1. Animal Print- This trend seems to be here to stay and I for one am not complaining! However, if you do like yourself a bit of animal print please be tasteful, no one wants to see a fully grown woman prancing around in leopard leggings with matching bag and shoes. The Fran Drescher era is long gone people! Try a leopard coat with a pair of jeans and cool band tee instead.
  1. Cropped– No it’s not a typo. Our temperatures are lowering but our shirt and pant hems are on the rise.  I suggest if you are human and feel the cold then try layering a crop top instead of baring your midriff and maybe wear some cute ankle socks with those cropped trousers. If you can bear the cold in the name of fashion then more power to you!
  1. The Midi- Do you feel that fabric grazing below your knees? That would be your skirt! Skirt hems have a new home and it ‘aint around the buttock region (sorry Miley). Be a lady and try a midi skirt. If you are not the girly type but love the trend try throwing on a biker jacket to toughen it up.
  1. Leather- Leather is having a moment this season with everything from jackets and trousers to skirts and figure hugging dresses. Let your inner Joan Jett come out and try the trend (just don’t get a mullet to match).
  1. Floral- No shocker there… It has been freshened up a little though and is more chic than ultra girly. Combine the print with a button down shirt and a pair of oxfords for a grown up feel.
  1. Grey- Grey is the new black this season! The shade is being used as a form of neutral and can be worked easily into your already existing wardrobes. Try a blazer or cashmere sweater in the cool hue, you won’t be disappointed.
  1. Man Style Coats and Sweaters- The tomboy chic trend has taken a comfortable seat this season and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Long line blazers/coats and oversize soft sweaters paired with tailored pants and well fitted jeans are the perfect way to try this trend (it won’t hurt to throw in a pair of loafers and a fedora either… If Annie Hall can do it so can you!)

So that’s the skinny on this season’s hottest trends; now break the rules and throw your own flavour in the mix, no one likes a clone.



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