River Island x The Iconic 2014


Photo Credits: The Trend Spotter

Photo Credits: The Trend Spotter

Have you ever found yourself watching fashion shows thinking “I want that whole outfit on me right now”? If you answered yes then the River Island show was the one for you (I didn’t really have anything if you answered no… can I offer a sarcastic comment perhaps?) The quirky UK brand hit our shores recently with a unique runway presented by The Iconic at VAMFF that actually allowed you to buy the clothes as they were appearing on the runway (genius!!)

The show itself was bursting with colour, clashing prints and just oozed London street style (anyone aspiring to be Julia Sarr-Jamois would’ve possibly maxed their credit card).The Melbournian fashion pack (usually cladded in black) embraced the collection with open arms and were intoxicated by all the pieces and the brilliant styling; or maybe they were hypnotised by the killer playlist which comprised of Missy Elliot, Lily Allen, Kendrick Lamar, Tame Impala and Queen B!!

If neither of those were a good enough reason then it was definitely the stunning array of models. We all know models are beautiful (duh!) but the ones that walked for River Island were on another level. Among the beauties was Ajak Deng. The painstakingly beautiful and incredibly cool model was rocking the looks and enticing the audience to buy whatever fabric was draped on her body (a potato sack would have sold out in seconds if she was wearing it).

Whatever the reason, River Island gave us a show to remember and gave me a sense of joy that I can now purchase their pieces without the dreaded international shipping!! SCORE!!!!


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