Paris AW 14/15

BALENCIAGA-3-R (2) KENZO-2-R (2) resize-miu-miu4 (2) GIVENCHY-4-R (2) resize-hermes2 (2) resize-hermes3 (2) valentino-resize (2) resize-dior4 (2) resize-issey-miyake (2) resize-chanel3 (2)

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Photo Credits:

Ah Paris, the city of love fashion! We all know Parisians are known for romance and fine pastries but what we all really love (well most women do) is how chic they all are. Parisians are just effortless and always have the attitude of “oh I just woke up like this”. The same goes for their fashion shows. The shows don’t look effortless (quite the contrary) as they are often spectacles to the eye (ahem Karl Lagerfeld’s productions). However, when someone asks them how they came up with such a genius collection or idea they all seem to act in much the same devil may care way and that’s why we love them. This year the Parisians took it up a notch and gave us a fashion week of fun, excitement and groceries?

Balenciaga, Kenzo and Miu Miu gave us well tailored pieces with a twist. All three played with bold colours, clashing prints and innovative proportions (Kenzo’s full skirt and trouser combo was mind blowing). Givenchy and Hermes were the epitome of chic and classic tailoring whilst Valentino experimented with the Mod trend giving us bold shift dresses and eye catching coats. Christian Dior proved that colour blocking is still very on trend and Issey Miyake was as innovative as always by creating pieces in the most extravagant yet somehow oddly feminine shapes (absolute genius). Speaking of genius can we just take our fedoras off to Mr Karl Lagerfeld for a moment? The man, albeit quite controversial is a mastermind. This year the runway for Chanel was a grocery store and every product in it was a take on the brand right down to the boite a bobos de coco (coco Chanel band aids). It was beyond phenomenal and a feast for the eyes. That didn’t take away from the collection though as it was equally as bold and innovative. The bright pops of colour mixed with leather and the brands signature tweed was clever, exciting and worked amazingly together. There was a street style tone in the collection which was also appealing from the aspect of wearability. A fabulous show from a fantastic week of fashion. Paris you have truly outdone yourself until next season it’s au revoir….


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