Carrie-d Away


Carrie’s Versace Couture gown worn in Paris


The glamazon that is Samantha


Movie Montage…

Miranda 2

Miranda: New York chic meets androgynous panache

Miranda embellished

Mirandas amazing Julian Mcdonald dress worn in the second film and Sinequanone Dress worn in the first film.

A slice of New York has come down under in the form of our four favourite fashionistas Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte. Award winning stylist/costume designer, Patricia Filed has single-handedly set the bench mark for stylists all over the world making her a fashion icon in her own right. Her  aesthetic of down town NY  meets fearless fashionista  is still predominate in the fashion world today and is the true “fifth” character of Sex and the City. Chadstone (also known as the fashion capital) has 20 iconic looks on display including Carrie’s amazing Versace couture gown she wore in Paris, the beautiful vintage white & gold corsage dress and those Choos… ahem I mean shoes.. The exhibition will run from March 1-31st to celebrate all things fashion and style; so if you’re in Melbourne grab your Manolo’s and check it out!!


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