Hair concept 3





Set photos taken at Chapel off Chapel. Melbourne, Victoria.

Hair the musical has swept into Melbourne and unleashed the inner hippie in all that see it! It’s 1968; an era where the war in Vietnam divided a nation, the Rolling Stones were the epitome of cool and hippies were making a stand with their long locks and free love. All these elements are brought to the production and pull you in from the moment you take your seat to the moment you’re dancing on stage with the cast feeling like you’ve shed your conservative skin and are ready for a good ol’ fashioned be in!

A big part of that palpable energy stems from director Robbie Carmellotti; who not only brought this fabulous production to life but did so in a way that can only be explained as intoxicating. As an audience member you become completely involved with the characters particularly Claude (played by Ashley Rousetty) and Berger (Sam Kitchen) a dynamic duo who ooze charisma and deliver stellar vocals throughout. The rest of the tribe also give amazing performances with their infectious smiles and awe inspiring vocals that will have you singing along and bouncing around in your seat like a child whose had one too many red lemonades. A show like this could not be possible without a brilliant crew working tirelessly behind the scenes night after night. Stage manager Chantal Trimboli was a vital part of that crew; with her exceptional timing and technique the show appears seamless leading you to believe that you are living and breathing the life of a psychedelic flower child.

Forty six years since it first graced the stage ‘Hair’ is still teaching the world to work like you don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt and dance like nobody’s watching!! Peace and love beautiful people…


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