What A Gun


Genevieve as her alter ego

Genevieve Brock as Bernadette Brown

Genevieve Brock as Bernadette Brown


Adam Hunter (played by Christian Heath) and Bernie Brown (Genevieve Brock)

IMG_2717 copy

Our crazy duck /office girls (from left) Tammi Vingerhoets, Lucy Norton Baker, Constance Washington and Chloe Gavin


Getting ready for some green screen magic!!


That’s a wrap people!! ( for any further info please visit dingocross.com or like on Facebook)

There are many romantic comedies out there. Most go through the same motions; girl meets boy, girl falls for boy, an obstacle is presented, then the film ends with a love declaration and a passionate kiss (more often than not in the rain). What A Gun doesn’t follow the same blueprint in any way; it’s a fresh spin on an old genre. Writer and Director Cassie Dart is the brains behind it all, along with her partner Paul Puccio and our lovely lead Genevieve Brock. I had the pleasure of being in charge of wardrobe for the film which would have had to be one of the best experiences of my career so far! With the long hours a crazy fun team was the perfect antidote, I didn’t even feel the 12-16 hour days (well maybe a little). The film itself is comedy at its finest; we follow the trials and tribulations of the main character Bernadette Brown. As an aspiring artist she works for a magazine called Shocka in the mail department which is quite ordinary. Her fantasies however, are anything but. They are brought to life and intermingled in her day to day routine making it a roller coaster ride of craziness. All in all What a Gun is a quirky story with extremely likable characters and some ridiculously funny gags along the way!

With a television series on the cards I think Bernadette Brown may be gracing the small screen in the not too distant future; watch this space peeps…


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