Big Day Out 2013

big day out 2big day out 1big day out 3

The band steps out and for a split second all is silent until an eruption of applause and cheering fills your ears; the rest is a blur of overwhelming satisfaction and serious head banging. Big Day Out, a music festival that never fails to disappoint; the absolute highlight of the day was seeing Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) in all her glam rock glory. She strutted onto the stage in an amazing red fringed jacket with matching trousers and zebra cape (which she later changed to a studded leather jacket). With her vibrant energy and  phenomenal voice she owned the stage and we were all putty in her hands. Amongst the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were some incredible bands including The Killers, Band of Horses, Vampire Weekend, Grinspoon and the main attraction the Red Hot Chili Peppers (the mosh pit was madness at that point so as a result no legible photos). An awe inspiring line-up and yet another eventful Big Day Out to add to my list, I just wish I could get my ears to stop ringing….


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